No, we don't have Contacts!

... And you need not too!  Ok, we both know that we both may have some contacts in the music industry. But that’s precisely the point we want to make. If you are a modern musician or any other music entity, you just can’t depend on the age old ways of tying up with a talent agency or asking your referrals for opportunities. Start working with an artist promotion company that can provide everything you need to generate awareness, drive traffic to your digital presence, connect with fans & prospective customers and increase revenue.

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Mission, Vision, Objectives

"To Keep Spreading the Joy of Music and Let there Never be a Dull Moment"

What and How We Do It: Anything and everything that helps in achieving the above. Think about it, the scope is endless. We strongly believe music marketing is not just about song audio & video promotion.

Artist Promotion Company - The Ocean of Joy Music Marketing Company

It's not about the Destination

We help promote musicians throughout their journey. For e.g. when they are starting up and need that extra income, we help them on marketing their music classes and affiliate marketing. Or, if you are a small or medium music business, we bring you at par with the big ones with benchmarking & best practices.

Dazed & Confused?

Still no clue about what we do? Sorry, being artists ourselves we too improvise sometimes. So lets get straight to the point. We provide digital marketing, branding, strategy & promotion services for musicians, bands, groups, music events, music classes & music teachers, dance / yoga / meditation / wellness classes, music entertainment locations such as restobars, pubs, discotheques, live event venues, jam rooms, music stores, brands, communities, organizers and other music stakeholders like (ok you tell us).

Like we said before, anything & everything that helps spreads the joy of music.

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