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We are not the regular music marketing company. We instead help artists go indie in getting more gigs & enquries, show up in search results where it matters, and reach the relevant target audience while growing their followers.

The Ocean of Joy Music Marketing Company - Digital Promotion for Music Stakeholders

Digital Marketing for Music Stakeholders

If you are a musician, music class, entertainment venue, event organizer, community, etc. of any scale, we strongly feel you are at a level playing field with the biggies, with the same tools at disposal. The pandemic situation has only accentuated this further.

Our specialized music marketing services include the right mix of marketing best practices & passionate promotion.

Digital Marketing

Single package with the right ingredients, so you can concentrate on your creative competence

Event Promotion

Leave it to the experts. We've promoted over 50 events with 5 lakh plus digital reach

Artist Websites

Not just a site, but complete digital marketing set up with automation & lead generation

Local Marketing

TO HELP music teachers, venues, restobars, dance & fitness classes find offline & online patrons


be it artwork for a single, a gig banner or a video press kit, we'll bring in elegance to your image

Social Media

From Stories to spotify and everything in between, we'll help you strategize, schedule & execute

Emotions + Intelligent Marketing - Start Today

Know Your Digital Optimization Status

Get a free analysis on your music business' local marketing standing, so you know which aspects need improvements.

We'll Check Every Aspect Of Your Digital Presence

Our reporting tools will show what your current promotion is lacking and why your peers are probably ahead of you.

We'll Identify Problems

Our team will contact you to get specific details and understand your music objectives.

We'll Scale your Local Marketing

Take your music business to the next level with our beyond-social strategies.

We'll Optimize your Budget

Striking the right balance between organic & paid ads, so you get maximum visibility.

You'll Get to See the Results

With clear agreed-upon & quantifiable deliverables, you can rest assured.

Testimonials – 5 star Reviews on Google

What people say?

Excellent customized promotions, never expected this to be so customized.
Gaurav Chopra
CoFounder, GR Muzik Garage
Simple and easy interface for finding and getting your music event listed with their website!
It was a good experience to compete with different guitarists who were unique in their own way. I sure will participate in more events.
Contest Participant

What the FAQs

What is Local Marketing?

Local marketing is very important for any business including music. Local means all the places your target audience are. It entails concerted efforts using both social media and digital marketing as well as classic networking & promotion.

Can't artists do their promotion themselves, if they are truly indie?

Certainly, but there’s a lot to music promotion beyond the usual social & streaming stuff which most are not aware of or don’t have the resources to carry out. Both musicians and their talent management agencies sometimes overlook these minor attention to details things, that matter the most.

What's so different about us? Do you really require our services?

Our marketing services are essential, effective & economical and help you get more enquiries, fans, followers, label sign-ups. Our services can complement your existing efforts or arrangement with other agencies.

Still undecided?  Would you like to know more about our offerings, fees, etc.?

That’s okay we get it, we too research a lot before investing. Please don’t hesitate to contact us using the details given at the top & bottom of this page. Let’s talk  about music.

Not subscribed to our music marketing knowledge series & tips yet?

We break our heads, so you don’t have to, constantly researching on new trends, techniques, tools & platforms including our competitors that help musicians and other music entities. Just leave your email using the form at the bottom of this page. It won’t cost you a penny and you have much to benefit.

Talking about platforms, have you heard about ours?

We are the same parent company behind and, two of the most passionate upcoming global platforms to promote music events, artists & beyond in a better way.

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We are not the typical music talent management company. We equip you with the right tools & knowledge to independently promote yourself and take our handholding on those little instances when required.

Feel free to get in touch with us, even for a casual musical chat, at +91 9920996407 or [email protected]